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Doesn't sound Anything Like Beck

Great song, I enjoyed it. Don't change a thing about it. Really interested to know if you were ever picked up by a record label. This is my second time voting for this song. It was that GOOD!!

jackbliss responds:

Double thanks to you my friend. I approached one or two. They never really responded. One wanted money. With the video out now I might try few others. If you know anybody that might be interested let me know cuz I really don't know much about music as a buisness. Thanks for the review as well :)

Can't wait for the full song!

Way too short to get a 10, but funny enough to deserve my 8. I am eagerly awaiting the full release of the song "Masturbating Babysitter" Along with accompanying music video!

SpiderPigClock responds:

Glad you enjoyed it, you sexy thing. :D

Love the ending!

The entire flash was done really well. I like the fact that you used the audio portal for music. Than at the end...... ALF theme song was epic!!

Rapheus responds:

Thanks a lot! I usually always use NG music. There's lots of great stuff.

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Wow Guys

Great job to everyone involved. I can't wait for the sequel.


Looks like you put a lot of effort into this, i was just really confused. I really couldn't understand what was going on, why there was a giant, and if I was actually attacking anything. As far as the art and the sound, it all seemed fairly fluid. Maybe its just me, but i just couldn't get into it.

Wow, this Game is brilliant. Saving to Favorites

I honestly can't think of anything that could make this game better. Very well done, great music, and interesting style of gaming.

rytherix responds:

=) Thanks for the compliment! More games are on the way =D

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Amazing song

I enjoyed this thoroughly. Very dramatic.

Lublub194 responds:

I very much appreciate the review. Thanks :D

Nice......wait......last year you turned 40?

I liked it, wished there were more lyrics. i could totally see this as like a Weeble-like video Loop. Definitely add more lyrics to it. Overall good, but it's not something that's a fresh idea. You know? Weebl kind of cornered the market with abstract songs. This could definitely be up to par with his if you cleaned up the vocals a bit, and extended it. Also would help if you had awesome Flash Skills. LOL Keep it up though. It also reminded me of the radishes or something from the old Doug cartoon.

Impeccable voice!

Great Job. Quick question, you use a voices synth of any kind? It's really good. I wish i had your mic and your singing ability. LOL But yeah...... Sounds perfect though, not much to review here... So yeah.......excuse me while i pull all my songs down......they're just embarrassing compared to this. LOL I kid, best of luck man!

DylanGlow responds:

Hey, thanks CluppHead! Nope, I don't use any voice synths. I used a reverb and a slight digital modulation effect when going up to the high notes to get that glide/slide effect. ^_^ Other than that I use a simple pop-filter and a Shure SM58 Mic. Believe me, it took me forever to even consider singing to a song. It's all about findin' your range and makin' it work. I don't really like my voice very much, I don't think most people like their voices because it's such a personal thing when it comes to music. I'm really glad you liked the song, man! Thanks again!

~Dylan ^_^

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Wow, great job!!

Have to admit, at first I didn't get it. I thought..... what are those, coffee beans? And than it did and I am very pleased!! I just hope others aren't as slow as I am. LOL


I'm so freaking pleased about this. Although....... it does look finished rather than concept. Which isn't a bad thing at all. Just...... Feels good man.....feels good. Words cannot express.

Pillowmint responds:

It's good to hear :)

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