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Doesn't sound Anything Like Beck

Great song, I enjoyed it. Don't change a thing about it. Really interested to know if you were ever picked up by a record label. This is my second time voting for this song. It was that GOOD!!

jackbliss responds:

Double thanks to you my friend. I approached one or two. They never really responded. One wanted money. With the video out now I might try few others. If you know anybody that might be interested let me know cuz I really don't know much about music as a buisness. Thanks for the review as well :)

Can't wait for the full song!

Way too short to get a 10, but funny enough to deserve my 8. I am eagerly awaiting the full release of the song "Masturbating Babysitter" Along with accompanying music video!

SpiderPigClock responds:

Glad you enjoyed it, you sexy thing. :D

Love the ending!

The entire flash was done really well. I like the fact that you used the audio portal for music. Than at the end...... ALF theme song was epic!!

Rapheus responds:

Thanks a lot! I usually always use NG music. There's lots of great stuff.

Great Animation!

Not much to review here. Everything was professionally done and had a really good message. In a demented sort of way. I thoroughly enjoyed this! Thanks

Animation Looks Great

The animation looks great and I can tell you spent some good time on it. I have big issues with the sound though. The recording quality is pretty bad, i know it probably can't be helped, but some if it could have been fixed with a homemade pop filter. Also, the fact that you used the FUTURAMA is a big no no in my book. Really because it's already recognized hugely, and there are thousands upon thousands of songs that you could have pulled from the audio portal to use instead. Make use of the audio portal instead of ripping off well known cartoons. Alot of guys like myself put a lot of time in effort in making songs to be used. Not that any of mine would be any use......for most people. But you should at least check it out. Help out the audio artists. Animations was great.

kfdwiki responds:

Sure. Thanks for the advice.

Brilliant, Fantastic Job

Great job guys, enjoyed it through and through. I wouldn't change a thing about it.

Cristo responds:

thanks u bunch CluppHead, you are appreciated now by me!

Good Animation

Needs music and sound in order for it to be a better animation. Maybe even a backround? Just needs a bit more work to be awesome sauce

Nice Parody

I don't think it's 10/10 or 5/5 worthy. It did keep me interested though. Just didn't seem to have the awesome sauce I would be lookng for a 10 or a 5 movie. Great Job though, looking forward to seeing what else you have to offer

Good Movie

The animation and sound is a bit lacking, however, the randomness timing is spot on. I couldn't give it a full 10, but i am definitely looking forward to seeing more. Keep it up!

Glad You Said this is a Work In Progress

It's way too short, first off. The voice acting needs to be turned up a notch, or maybe use a better microphone? There are tons of voice actors in the forums that have great equipment. I didn't have any problems with the animation itself. Didn't quite understand what was going on......but i attribute that to the microphones. You may have to add subtitles if you are unable to fix the sound. Good Job, looking forward to seeing the finished product.

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