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Amazing song

I enjoyed this thoroughly. Very dramatic.

Lublub194 responds:

I very much appreciate the review. Thanks :D

Nice......wait......last year you turned 40?

I liked it, wished there were more lyrics. i could totally see this as like a Weeble-like video Loop. Definitely add more lyrics to it. Overall good, but it's not something that's a fresh idea. You know? Weebl kind of cornered the market with abstract songs. This could definitely be up to par with his if you cleaned up the vocals a bit, and extended it. Also would help if you had awesome Flash Skills. LOL Keep it up though. It also reminded me of the radishes or something from the old Doug cartoon.

Impeccable voice!

Great Job. Quick question, you use a voices synth of any kind? It's really good. I wish i had your mic and your singing ability. LOL But yeah...... Sounds perfect though, not much to review here... So yeah.......excuse me while i pull all my songs down......they're just embarrassing compared to this. LOL I kid, best of luck man!

DylanGlow responds:

Hey, thanks CluppHead! Nope, I don't use any voice synths. I used a reverb and a slight digital modulation effect when going up to the high notes to get that glide/slide effect. ^_^ Other than that I use a simple pop-filter and a Shure SM58 Mic. Believe me, it took me forever to even consider singing to a song. It's all about findin' your range and makin' it work. I don't really like my voice very much, I don't think most people like their voices because it's such a personal thing when it comes to music. I'm really glad you liked the song, man! Thanks again!

~Dylan ^_^

Interesting style

It's a different sound. I would have liked it to be a bit longer, maybe more lyrics and a more defined bridge. You voice is fine, didn't hear any pitch problems, seems to go with the music well. I was having a hard time deciphering the lyrics. Fractured spine for your soul? a slave to you? I think that's what i was picking up. Maybe it's left to interpretation.... So yeah. Good work overall.

nuclearannex responds:

Wow this was just an old one I found in my harddrive...
The lyrics are something like:
a slave to,
my fractured spine,
there's nothing left for me to hide,
it suffocates my mind...
left to fight... for your soul...

I just kind of went for it... Was never meaning to post it but glad I did, thanks :)

Nice Guitar

I coulnd't give it a super high vote because it's so short and it doesn't have any lyrics. I do think it's a pretty good lick though. The bridge, kind of seemed off a bit, but once you add lyrics, i'm sure that it will come together nicely.

I-am-the-Tritone responds:

Thanks for your review =D
Yeah it really is short, I dont like that point either, and if I get an idea what I could add to it, i will up the new version for sure =)
I won't add lyrics though, because my singing is kind of bad, I suck at writing lyrics and i don't own a good microphone to record voices ^^

But thanks again you actually even listened to it and gave a feedback :-D

Well, it sounds like you know what your doing

As far as the software goes. But it kind of sounded like something of a new york city sort of vibe. Like something from the 50's, like the beginning of Rhapsody and Blue.

loansindi responds:

Hey man, thanks. This was a pretty quick track put together for a specific challenge, but it's a style i wouldn't mind visiting again.

Pretty good stuff

I'm not a music pro by any means. And i usually stick to indie music because it's more of what i know. I find it hard to review music with programs I'm not familiar with because it seems unfair. I feel the same way about flash movies to. Unless it's utterly horrible or fantastic. Any rate, i think it was fine. I wasn't particularly excited about the 3 min mark when it goes into a drum solo. But like i said, i'm no pro, so take it with a grain of salt. Keep it up, does sound like you've got a knack for it.

Another Gem. Good stuff

I have no clue why you guys are giving this stuff away for free. Definitely Professional quality that should be on a Label. Not on Newgrounds. I'm just saying..... Your really good and umm, yeah, i'm pretty jealous. LOL Why the hell aren't you at the top of the music chart on NG. Jeez, you would not believe the great stuff i find at the bottom of the lists.


Great song. thoroughly enjoyed! What a gem!

Great Song!

Wow, way to make guys like me even more amatuer looking.
Just a few questions if you don't mind. What program were you using to make the your voice sound like that? Is it just a different setting with autotuning? Because if so, than I really need to mess around with it some more. Were you using fruity Loops too?
Also, I dunno if anyones told you this, but there's a couple of times in the song it kind of sounds like Puddle Of Mudd's "Blurry" Which in no way made me vote differently for the song. Really......nothing wrong with it to review on, LOL Keep it up, definitely putting this one on the favorites. Sould totally be at the top of the indie list

fishfood2021 responds:

It kinda sounds like Blurry, I can hear it. The styles completely different though and I don't think it sounds TOO much like it. Thanks for the great review though homie :D

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