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CluppHead's News

Posted by CluppHead - July 11th, 2008

Ok, just submitted a new song. It hasn't turned out quite the way i would have liked it, but nevertheless, it's here. Milf, a song about the mature cougars. Give it a listen, read the description and leave a review to tell me what you think! Catch it soon before it leaves the front page!!!

Posted by CluppHead - July 10th, 2008

So I was wondering why I was getting so many reviews lately on the song OUCH that I posted awhile ago.... After responding to about 5 of them today, i took a look at the front page, and low and behold! there it was!! FLIPPIN SWEET MAN!! So now, i really have to get to work on a new song!!

It's not that i haven't been workin on new things, just been having issues with the software I have. In order to publish work for Audacity, which is a freeware sound recording software, you have down download the LAME software. Which for some odd reason I can't figure out where the hell it goes everytime I download it........... That and i've been really addicted to this damn free online trading card game. AND IT'S ALL NEWGROUNDS FAULT!! It's Urban-Rivals. I've seen it advertised so much, that i finally got curious and clicked the damn link. Haven't been the same since, I need to ween myself off of this pointless game, and start working on new projects!!

Posted by CluppHead - June 20th, 2008

Hey folks, in Lu of the other songs I've posted doing so well, I decided to write another song!! I plan on writing a song a week, if not that than i'll be sure to post an instrumental. It's going to be tough, especially next week, because next week we're going out to the field. For those of you who are military, you know what that means. 4 days of hell!! Please check it out, leave a review. If you like this song, check out my other songs!!

I have this theory, that if I write a song a week and get up to 100 songs, than one of them is bound to be a hit!! lol, it's a fun hobby though...... enjoy!

Posted by CluppHead - June 19th, 2008

Lol!! ok, maybe not featured. In fact it's a really small clip of the beginning of the song when Pete is riding in the car. I'M FAMOUS!! WOOT!! If you don't know what i'm talkin about, than i suggest you check out office spider. It's a really funny cartoon. I do suggest however that you watch all of the episodes building up to 5, or you may not get some of the jokes. The song however is called Ouch. You can view that via my profile as one of my audio posts, than of course from there you can check out office spider as being heard in that flash. whew. Very exciting stuff!! Thank you so much Dan Berry for using my song for your awesome flash!!

Friday, i plan on posting yet another song, this one wasn't done in iraq, but, it was still done using the same methods i have in the past. Via acoustic guitar, and microphone built into laptop. Ghetto as hell, i know, but maybe eventually i can start buying audio equipment piece by piece. Being in the military i don't make a ton of money, that and this is just something i do as a hobby...... a really low budget hobby. But! I am open to suggestions on what sort of equipment to purchase that can plug into a laptop, because to tell you the truth. I have no idea where to start. Anyway, stay tuned and thanks again Dan Berry, and I hope your flash get's uber awards!!

Posted by CluppHead - June 14th, 2008

Ok, so my first song seemed to do well. In fact, i was contacted yesterday by a highly declarated flash artist to use it in one of his next movies! Which is very exciting stuff. I'm not going to give away names, but his portfolio of flash movies was really impressive. I'm so glad i wasn't contacted by some 15 yr old with stick figure flashes. I'm not saying his name purposely in case it falls through and he doesn't actually use it. But just to be considered it's awesome enough.

With all this good news it's inspired me to post yet another song. This ones not as humorous as the last and it was done again while i was deployed in iraq. I'm not going to get into too much detail here about it, because i wrote a huge description on the song page itself, so if your interested! You'll just have to check it out.

In actuality, i was so inspired by the message i recieved by said artist, that i wrote and recorded another song that i scheduled to release next weekend. Unfortunately i still don't have a music editor, nor a decent microphone, but i still think it turned out fairly well.

If i continue to get good feedback and reviews than i'm hoping to release a song each week. I've got one ready for next weekend, and have some ideas floating in my head for the one after. I just hope i don't run out of ideas, or riffs. If that's the case, than maybe i can have people send me lyrics that i can turn into a song..... but that's way in the future. i don't see myself running out of ideas any time soon. Anyway, check out the new song, and stay tuned next weekend for another.

Posted by CluppHead - June 5th, 2008

So it took almost three weeks. But the song i posted finally showed up on the audio portal!! Seems to be doing alright, there has only been 5 votes, but it's still at the top of the blues chart. LOL I'm sure in time it will fall. Nobodies reviewed it yet, which kinda sucks, but the audio portal of course doesn't get the recognition it deserves. That's how it goes i guess. If you get a chance, listen to it, and if I get a few reviews and it does well, than I'll start work on another song.

Posted by CluppHead - May 19th, 2008

So I posted a song here on newgrounds. My first posting of anything. It's a song that I wrote while I was deployed in Iraq. I used an overpriced 200 dollar haji guitar and recorded it on my laptop using sound recorder. The sound quality isn't that great, but it's what I had to work with at the time. My marines got a kick out of it, and hopefully the people of newgrounds will as well. Apparently because it's my first post it may take a couple of days for it to show up in the audio portal. It's call ouch. ... Keep a look out for it and let me know what you all think!! If this goes well, I have a few ideas for a few other songs, just have to get around to putting them on paper and laying a few chords down on them.

For some reason, I have a sinking feeling, that because of the listening audience and how young they usually are, that they're not going to appreciate the song for what it is. It's my own work, my own singing, just me a crappy acoustic, and a microphone. Still have this feeling that because it's not techno, and doesn't have sound effects or anything spectacular that they will blam the living shit out of it. Guess you never know unless you try.